Frankfruit am Main

Frankfurt it’s a wonderful city! Situated on Main river, somewhere in the center of Germany. I don’t know, so much facts, about the history or economy, or industry of the city, but that is not the subject of the topic, because the main thing here is how colorful and crazy is that city. It’s not so big, but little bit crowded, have a central business part, with skyscrapers, fancy restaurants.

Frankfurt business part

In same time have a quite old squares with nice painted houses and crowded pubs. Where you can have a big sweaty mug of beer and some juicy piece of meat.

Frankfurt old square

So, you are little bit more dizzy then before half hour, but anyway, you have enough time to spend. You’ll feel like annoying tourist, because the crowd – be worthy :). The “red-light” district. You are close. Just take direction to the main station and you are there.

Frankfurt junkys

Chip woman, drug addicted junkys and booze shops. Passing carefully in that area.


Meanwhile you are get feeling hungry and tiered. That’s why go to the main square area. Still crowd place, but enough big to gather all peoples.

Frankfurt_07 Frankfurt_06

My favorite part is river site. All the nice peoples are here. Young and happy. There is no place for worries or troubles. All the peoples are in love.

Frankfurt_12 Frankfurt_11 Frankfurt_05

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