_IMG6214 Wild animals approach

Dive into powder

Long ago _IMG6262

Pattern _IMG6266

But the waters go_IMG6274

And some cars_IMG6287

Frozen sleep_IMG6290

Even scary_IMG6294

Deep sleep_IMG6305

Or not_IMG6310

White dance_IMG6312

Afternoon undercover_IMG6325

Lonely house_IMG6334

And the sun will crack the darknes_IMG6380_big

Forest hut_IMG6398

on the hill._IMG6405

Popping up_IMG6416

Another hut_IMG6427

And more snow


And the mountain_IMG6440

Into the wild_IMG6467

The terrace_IMG6473

On a way back_IMG6476

The view_IMG6482

The giants_IMG6487

Snow arch_IMG6494

Hey neighbor!_IMG6505

Loco hombre_IMG6515

Professor’s house _IMG6529

Well that’s the winter here._IMG6535

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